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Earn Cash by Recommending Customers to Merrick Binch

November 28, 2015

If you ask professional salespeople and marketers they will invariably tell you that recommendations and referrals customers are the best type of customers. Why are recommendation and referral customers more eager to do business? It is simply human nature! People are usually attracted to like-minded people. Therefore, if one person buys a product or service, the chances are they know someone who would also enjoy the same. In most cases, the person giving the referral will even call the prospect and introduce them to you. The referred prospect then becomes warmer and more open to hearing about your service because they already heard how good your service is.

At Merrick Binch, we recognise the importance of recommendations and referrals to our business. By giving excellent service and having a proven strategy in selling all properties in Coventry, we have received over 100 recommendations in the last 12 months.


Introducing the £50 Reward Voucher

Merrick Binch want to reward not just the person doing the recommending- We also want to reward the customer doing business with Merrick Binch. With this is mind, if you recommend a new customer to Merrick Binch, YOU AND THE NEW CUSTOMER WILL RECEIVE A CHEQUE FOR £50 ONCE THE SALE COMPLETES.

If you know anyone on the market at the moment or anyone thinking of moving in the near future, simply call the office on 02476 578888 to give us their details. We will then get in contact with your recommendation and help them move home. Once the sale has completed, you will both receive your cheque for £50 each.

P.S. This offer can be used as many times as you want. Therefore, the more people you recommend, they more times you will receive another cheque for £50.