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Selling your home? Merrick Binch v Online/Hybrid estate agents.

Why choosing Merrick Binch can achieve in excess of over £10,000 more on your eventual sale price. You may have noticed the increase of low cost online/hybrid estate agents in the Coventry market. Their business models and USPs are very simple. They claim to save you £1000s in fees by offering a very basic service […]

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Price, Presentation & Exposure. The Secret to Selling Your Home

Back in 2005 when I was the manager of a successful Coventry estate agent, I decided to do a study in why some houses sold, and some houses did not. I took a selection of 100 houses over a 3 month period and analysed why some sold quicker and for a better price, but some […]

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Choose a Coventry Estate Agent with the Right Values

Leaving estate agency business aside- One of the Merrick Binch values is to give back to the local community of Coventry by arranging charity events, donations, and fund raising activities. This is something very close to the hearts of the directors of Merrick Binch. We believe that a successful business should have a social responsibility […]

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How Long Should Coventry Estate Agents Tie Sellers into a Sole Agency Agreements?

When selling your home in England and Wales you may want to recruit the services of an estate agent. Part of the contract that you sign is the length of the sole agency Agreement. What is a Sole Agency agreement? A sole Agency agreement requires the person selling the property to use ONLY the estate […]

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Earn Cash by Recommending Customers to Merrick Binch

If you ask professional salespeople and marketers they will invariably tell you that recommendations and referrals customers are the best type of customers. Why are recommendation and referral customers more eager to do business? It is simply human nature! People are usually attracted to like-minded people. Therefore, if one person buys a product or service, […]

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Coventry Fun Run Raises over £50,000 for Local Coventry Charities with Merrick Binch Estate Agents being the Gold Sponsors

The 2013 Coventry Fun Run presentation night took place at the St Marys Guild Hall on the 3rd October 2013. This year the event raised a grand total of £50,783.06 for local Coventry charities. Trevor Binch. Managing Director of Merrick Binch estate agents is the chief organiser of the Coventry Fun Run for 2012 and […]

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Getting a Probate Valuation on your Coventry Property

In the event of a loved one passing away, you may need a ‘grant of probate’ to be able the deal with the loved ones affairs after their death. Part of this process is obtaining a Probate Valuation on your Coventry Property. Quite simply ‘probate’ is a term commonly used when talking about applying for […]

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‘Sale by Open House’ versus ‘Houses Bought for Cash Companies’

Ever seen adverts in the press or radio from companies who offer to buy your property for cash in a very quick timescale? Ever wondered what the catch is? Then this article explains how they work, and what other options are available to you. Over the last 10 years, there have been hundreds of these […]

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Learn why some Coventry estate agents value homes incorrectly…

An estate agent incorrectly valuing your home can be extremely costly. So why would an estate agent get this important process wrong? Below are the 3 main reasons They want to buy your business Imagine you get a number of agents to value your property. Agent A values the property at £190,000. Agent B values […]

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